Ambrose Returns
Ambrose Returns is a multi-part story, written "on the fly", as an exercise. I add a new part whenever the fancy takes me, and I give each part absolutely no thought before I write it. I write it directly into the HTML editor, and then post it without any rewriting or real editing. The only editing I do is to correct spelling mistakes and anything else that is obviously wrong. And I may even miss a few of those. Writing this way won't produce my greatest work, but that's not the point. The point is to exercise the creative muscles, and to practise. And to always remind myself to not be afraid to "get things out there". :)
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Part 6

Oh don't worry, I wasn't able to do anything as passe as fly. There was a fire escape right outside the window. I'd jumped out onto that. I saw them immediately. Hovering outside the building in mid air. THEY could fly. Well, sort of float, and rise and fall, and swirl. Smokers we called them. They were one of the worst things we'd brought back with us that first time we'd opened the door and gone down there. They hated us for it. But we had them under our control. They did what we commanded. They had to. And for that, they hated is even more. What they loved though was when they were sent after one of our own. Someone like me. It was a chance for revenge. A chance to take out all their pent up rage on one of the people that had brought this terrible fate down upon them in the first place.

I counted six of them. Two level with me, about ten feet out. Two above me, hugging the wall, and covering the roof. And two on the ground, just swirling around and around in circles, creating a mist out of the freshly fallen snow. I still had the Glock in my hand. I raised it up at lightning speed. It didn't need cocking. I knew without a doubt that Bryce always kept the first round chambered. I pulled the trigger again and again. Emptied the entire magazine in the direction of the ones in front of me. They scattered. The bullets wouldn't hurt them. Not in any long lasting way. Bryce had been right. The gun wasn't much use to me now. However, for some reason hot metal passing through them, made them wince, and recoil. It also pissed them off even more. Their growls echoed around the enclosed space that was the back lot of the hospital. The fire escape shook and groaned and creaked. The smokers rose higher and higher, spitting, and coughing. I didn't hang around for them to return.

I took the steps five at a time. The ground was seven levels down. As I went, I ejected the spent clip, and loaded a full one. As I hit the second level, the smokers at the bottom had gathered around the fire escape ladder, waiting for me. They were almost beside themselves with glee. How could I possibly escape them? I raised the Glock again, emptied the clip again. They scattered again. I took the steps to the first level all at once, crashing onto the platform with such force, I thought the whole structure was going to break away from the wall. That's when it hit me. Square in the back of the head with such force, it pitched me over the railing. I fell the last twelve feet and landed heavily in the snow. I looked up. All six of them were above me. I could sense them laughing. Mocking. They were asking me what was I thinking, bringing a gun to a supernatural fight. Snarling faces formed around their eyes. Eyes that blinked red. Red that got darker and lighter, darker and lighter. They had me, and they knew it. Six against one. And she brings a gun? Haha.

My adrenaline was pumping. I didn't even feel the pain of the fall. I was on my feet within seconds, loading the third clip. The smokers sensed my play, and parted ways at once, circling me from all directions. I saw an alley way that hopefully led out onto the street by the side of the hospital. I sprinted towards it. A smoker dropped right in front of me. I was ready. BANG! I fired right into his face. He scattered. Ten more metres. Swoosh! Another one sailed in from the left. BANG! Got him in the mid section. He winced, and was gone. Six metres. SMACK! I was hauled forward into the brick wall of the maternity wing. My head struck first, then my body. I slumped into the snow, dazed, and with the wind knocked out of me. Shit, I murmured. Fuckin' smokers. Why did we ever bring those bastards back. I closed my eyes.

"Get outta here!" yelled the voice, off in some distant land. Who was it? Where was it? "Ange! ANGE! Can you hear me? You there?" the voice continued.

I opened my eyes. My head was banging like nothing I'd ever felt before. That pain where you wish you'd just been knocked clean out and left in a coma for five days instead of this inbetween place. I groaned. It was all I could do. The shadow creatures seemed to have dispersed. I couldn't understand it. What would make them do that? I was right here. Ripe for the eating.

I felt arms hook themselves under my own. I was dragged to my feet, and pushed in what looked like the direction of the alley. I could barely even see, let alone walk. I stumbled and fell. I heard an exasperated "For fuck's sake!", before feeling myself being hauled up again. "Come on girl," the voice said, "work with me here." Who was that? They sounded familiar. I knew them. But not from recently. The voice was a voice from the past. The distant past. From another time. Ambrose? No. He wouldn't save me twice in one day. Hell, he would probably never save me again. That time just ten minutes ago had been it. His one favour to me before we went back to war. I didn't even know why he'd saved me then. Nostalgia maybe? No, this voice was someone else. My head dropped, and my eyes closed again.

I was being dragged. Dragged along a street. "Come on baby," the voice said, still somewhere up in the air. Still familiar, but not quite.

"Don't call me baby, motherfucker," I managed to mumble. I hated that baby, hun, sweetheart shit.

The owner of the voice laughed. Fuck you, I thought. Bitch! I'll kick your ass into next week.

"Oh, I know you will," it replied. Damn, I didn't even know I'd said that out loud.

I heard a car door being opened. I was pushed inside. The warmth hit me in the face. It also made me groggier. I fell asleep right away. I didn't see the man close the door, and walk around to the driver's side, whilst six dark spots smouldered on the ground around us. We drove off into the night. Safe for now.

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